Reviews for "God's Assassin"

21st ending when I tried to play seriously. Am I only person in this dimension who read license agreement terms?
Cool game. Ones that make you think are rare sight these days.

GregLoire responds:

Haha, yes, ending #21 is probably the only reasonable ending to get if you play through it seriously. That's why I added the little note along with that ending encouraging players to go back and try to get a different one next.

But since ending #21 is the only one where you refuse to go along with anything, I figure if you get any ending other than that one, then you're at least complicit on some level!

Such a brilliant game. (My poor english skills probably won't be sufficient here...)

It represents exactly what I expect from a game, some kind of delayed philosophical debate between the author and the player. And you did it on the most important (and ambitious) themes. I have a different conception of life, also involving multiverses, but no connected consciousness. It's always good to see another point of view.

The personifications are perfect, it would be difficult to follow all your thoughts without them.

Correct me if I am completely wrong, but I think this game also shows that your explanation of the world just has to be coherent for you, not for everyone. It's fine if your solution to explain something is God, maybe mine is maths or physics. (Of course one of them is objectively right, but both subjectively are ^^)

A lot more could be said about this awesome game, good job.

Heh. Masterpiece. I got 24/25, even tho i thought i tried all reply option.

It makes you think, however. I wish we could find out. The truth. Or at least... keeping finding as many fragment as possible as long as we can.

GregLoire responds:

You have raised a critical point here. The truth doesn't end! There are two types of people in the world: truth "knowers" and truth seekers.

There is an interesting dynamic at play here, because people who acknowledge that they don't know the truth are the ones who keep seeking it, and these people are usually closer to the truth than people who claim to already know the truth, since the latter category stops seeking it. NEVER stop seeking! There is always more to learn, and it's always amazing.

Really great game, my first ending is Ending #13.

Hot lingerie models are sexy and math is haaaard.
But that quote by Terry Pratchett...by the name of God...
That quote is the quote to end every and all theological debates.

So although I will never succeed at being smart, 5 stars for that beautiful quote!
Take THAT, Pope Francis!