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Reviews for "God's Assassin"

there needs to be way more games like this, it was so fun i can't believe i had the opportunity to jump after faith when god controlled her and when i did nothing happen so i was hoping attacking god would save her but it didn't and when i got that power from attacking him i thought i could save faith and i still couldn't. i still miss faith

GregLoire responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

This is very cool! you should try to make more of theses!

GregLoire responds:

Oh man, but they're so much work! I don't have another one planned, but maybe if an idea comes to me and I forget how much work they are...

Eye opening and thought provoking to so many levels ! Explores interesting ideas about the nature of God and philosophical ethics.
I liked the similarity between our race and the corn men; showing that life and creation could just be a god's mistake and not having any real purpose or meaning, yet we insist it is the other way around.
It also attacks and question what basically makes god god (power, wisdom, goodness .. etc).
Interesting how the major higher beings (God, Faith and Stan) natures resembles those of men. They are quite pragmatic and both God and Stan fight to gain power and supremacy without having a doctrine, contrary to the image usually thought of both.
I am not sure if this can be considered a good 'game'. But it was for sure enjoyable and quite an enlightening journey !

GregLoire responds:

Thanks for the review -- you really hit the nail on the head about what I was going for!

This is great! I'm reading/playing since 1 hour and I still only got 19/25 endings. :'(
I hope we will see more of your work. :-)

i like when you get to choose which drugs to take lol.

GregLoire responds:

I tried to be a bit educational! Truth > propaganda.