Reviews for "God's Assassin"

I'm fairly sure this is a work in progress as several endings were, how can I say, left open

So I hope you will release an update so to continue on these storylines , as for the humor I really enjoyed it. 5 stars and favorites list.

GregLoire responds:

It was really hard to come up with more stuff! My brain is drained after this, haha. None of the endings are complete on their own, but the idea is that there's one overall story being told if you get a bunch of different endings and piece it all together.

I've been having a blast finding all the endings, #1 (Deicide mixed with Omnicide with sprinklings of Evil Overlord Foreshadowing) and #8 (eternity in limbo turning your mind to mush) being the bleakest to me so far.
Interesting story, nice design by our Lord The-Swain (may his camel hordes never lack in humpitude), hope to see more stuff from you in the future!
If we have a future, that is...
PS: You should create a public forum (google group?) around the concepts mentioned in the Author Bio; the nature of consciousness and its part in the development of higher intelligence are feverishly discussed by laymen, eggheads and anything with a developed neural cortex and an opinion. ;-)

Woot! 25/25 ^_^
Took a lot of time but nice game.
The philosophical ideas in here were pretty interesting too.

Got all of them,... even though it took 4 hours. But it was totes worth it. I loved the story line and how it juxtaposes Knowledge and Evil with Humanity and Belief in religiousity. (Yes I made that a word) It's awesome how you've made Humanity a parallel with infections. God I feel sorry for Melvin and the idea of an Alien dimension where people are just a power source. And the ever bumbling "god" also,... Nice artistic styling.
How much would it cost to commission an M or A rated sequel delving into equality and gender dimorphism?

My favorite is ending 9, on page 135.