Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

not as good as i expected

the voice acting was really stiff for charlie,the artwork was nice, but i wasnt expecting that comic book style, considering how big the file is.the fight had its momenys but the tazer severely killed the flow of the fight. its like its going smooth and then,pause,shock,fight again.i didnt expect it to be jill.although i like jill the moment i saw the tit belt i coudnt take her serious anymore as a actual character. after that all she became was eye candy.
7/10 3/5.
p.s. is that the same voice actor for talbain? he sounds diffrent.

R1665 responds:

I like to use short breaks like the tazer attacks to allow the viewer a moment's rest before hitting them again. There is such a thing as showing too much too quickly.

Also, that is indeed Darkwolf as Jon Talbain. He did voice the same character in VGE2.



You did a great job on the cut scenes and the fight was pretty good, but this got VERY boring after 15 mins.....

I jumped into this with no prior experience.

I have not seen the other episodes. Yes it has amazing animation and effects. It reminds me of another SF vs MK video with Akuma vs Chameleon. However, what bothered me was how that non-super police man Stryker killed Bison. I don't know much about the story, but that seems very wrong. BIson. The KING bad guy of all SF gets killed by that loser cop?

Everything else was very good. The drawings, the animation, the voice acting, the atmosphere.


I've watched all of these and while the fights are good, there's no coherent story between parts and I have no investment in any of the characters. I'd apologise for being harsh but then I read your comments above about this becoming one of the best series on NG. Take a look at series like Jerry, There She Is and Bitey of Brackenwood and learn about a little something called "pacing".

well done

R1665, this was a decent addition to your already outstanding series. My favorite part of this being the fight, my second favorite being every piece of CE-Rap's art (I've been checking it out on deviantart for a while).
However, I wouldn't say that it was the best in the series (mainly because of the pacing), but I do indeed see the possibility for you and CE-Rap to dominate the game with this sprite/art combo, I have high hopes for you since in my opinion your the best flash animator since Proxicide. I look forward to the installment ...

P.S - CE-Rap, i gotta big u up for that awesome shower scene (and the posters on deviantart)!! With your art skills maybe u could help R1665 develop some high quality custom sprites for the next installment similar to Ruben Kee's work on Dragon Claw for M.U.G.E.N.