Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

Great looking work and fights... but...

I want to give as much of an honest answer as I could and what kept this piece of work from being Awesome instead of Great was unlike the pacing of R1's earlier efforts, the pacing here felt slow and less dynamic. I thought it could have been due to the length, but 've I even re-watched it days later just to be certain.
I think it's because of the new situations involved (new artist, voices, etc) and taking time for everyone to adjust. So I'm going to go with a solid 10 just to be safe and hopes the next one has a more solid and structured pace which I think it will
If I had to rate individual parts, I'll do this:

(8) For the story - The story was good, but felt slow.
(10) CE-Rap's Artwork - I do follow the guy on DA so it goes without saying!
(10) The sprite animations - Scenes like these are what made this series Awesome.
(9) The voice actors seem different in this and like what was mentioned before, some of the voices didn't match the situation.

Again, Congats to everyone involved for this effort!


One of the best series ive ever seen!!! No joke.


I like the way this is going.
Could you fit in an episode that reveal's the ambush that killed the last team of exile's?
If not consider this.
And Exile luke skywalker vs. an dark demonic tenchi and his harem if at all possable.
Or another girl fight that end's in a fatality.

No word that's good enough to describe how Awesome this episode was and the series

This was just totally perfect!