Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"


Your keep getting better and better. I love the new artwork and animations. The music was great and voice acting also sounded almost professional. That fight between Stryker and Bison blew me away. I never liked Stryker too much but you made him so cool, lol. Loved the fatality. Its really good that you take the time to make the best work you can. The story is a lot to take in at times but still interesting. I didn't expect that shower scene at the end. Sounds like someone has been watching street fighter II the movie. Anyways, great improvement on all angles and I hope it won't be too long for the next one.

R1665 responds:

Good eye!

SFII: the Movie was indeed one of the artistic inspirations.



simply awesome :D!

Hmmmm... Mixed opinions right there.

I'll cut it short.
CE-Rap, you did an amazing job. Your style is really great. Many may not like how you draw the female cast, but I think it fits for the series.

R1665, you also did great, but it lacks from your side. Don't take it too personal, what you did, you did absolutely great. But personally, it needed a bit more sprites. It doesn't even have to be an action scene.
Just saying, it IS your series. =P

I can only guess, but I think the reason why the swf is so massive is because of the art and sound.

I hope, I can get a reply from you.

PS.: Hey, VA cast! Thumbs up! If I only knew, how you guys record your voices so clearly! XD

R1665 responds:

"I can only guess, but I think the reason why the swf is so massive is because of the art and sound."

You are correct, sir.



Riggs.... that was better then I thought you could do it and I wasn't even thinking of you making another one. Thought you might have it as another Title that I would be lost on because I'm left wanting more but I do thank you for doing this next part and once more you leave me wanting another. I Must give it up to the Voice acting, it was good, only problem was when you and CE Rap had Nash with a more expressive look on him face and didn't have the voice to match, otherwise awesome.
I love how you are building on this and talking real fighting game outcasts as members of the Exiles team. I hope that I wasn't that caught on to that or maybe that's just how i see it. I ask for one thing from you.... Please don't have me waiting forever for the next one.... you are getting more followers of this title from this and the fans of the past will come back because of this.
CE Rap your art is amazing as always and I thank you for joining up with Riggs for this as your style fits in perfectly. Last parting words are big ups to all who put work into this and I look forward to another soon rather then much, much laster


r1665 and ce-rap


we thank you for the epic fight scene

even the fan service you gave us :D

looking forward to the next vge series

and pile-up them body bags