Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"


But she will neither be able to run nor fight with that boobage, and he will get his ass pounded to oblivion under the shower with THAT haircut in the army.
Couldn't watch it to the end. And there was hardly any animation, though the drawings were okay.
My opinion ;)

R1665 responds:

I would agree with you on Nash's hair. However, we didn't create him. Blame Capcom.


yea um

Strolgly agree with zero941
plus i simply cant stand slide shows.


After reading the description, I was expecting something amazing. Far from it; this thing is barely animated at all! Five minutes in - boring, generic storyline, weak direction and thoroughly underwhelming art.
The combat was alright, but still quite lacking. It was like watching people play a fighting game.

There is absolutely nothing "extraordinary" or even innovative about this.


I was sitting for about 3 minutes waiting for the flash to begin until i realized this was all I was in store for. I assure you I wont be sitting through this boring ass flash. next time dont make a long as fuck slideshow with pretty pictures and id consider watching it, reusing pictures and slow tweens wont gain my attention, effort will. The art was good but everything else...no.

R1665 responds:

Sorry for your lack of an attention span, bro. I guess you'll never know what you missed.



Good job at the sprites.

The story line was kinda ok and lame, but the re usage of pictures killed this.

Animate more. This is a flash not a comic.

And bison would have won!