Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"


i have to say, this was pretty good.
loved the fight scene the most,(as always.)
but the drawings were very nice. i honestly thought
the scenes would be animated,(they would move.)
but i didn't seem to care.

the thing that really caught my attention was the voice acting.
truthfully, it was just, ok. i didn't really feel much emotion coming
out of the voice,(especially Nash) like they're supposed to be dull and

Great movie, and i'd LOVE to see more coming.


You scored a real gem with Ce-Rap's artwork. I'm gonna try to break this down Gamepro Magazine style.

Visuials: AWESOME ARTWORK! The dude is a real art general! Every drawing was AMAZING! What a talent!

Voicework: This would be my biggest complaint. Besides "Heart" (attempting not to spoil things here) the rest of the voices were sadly either forced or bland. Charile seemed to have a cadance which he used for all his lines most notebly elongating the last word of his sentences. Bison's voice sounded forced and a bit artificial. I expected a deep, menacing, calculated voice from him, yet his lines were delivered with much poise and reserve...like a human general. We ALL know Bison is much more than that. Stryker could have had a little more energy in his delivery as well. In my opinion, you could have used more than just an accent to distinguish the difference between the two. Besides the accent, they both came out bland. Akuma...didn't say a thing...PERFECT! Tailbain was also rather calm. I understand who he is but there was no emotion in his voice at all. Johnny: Again i understand this is a Cage from a different world but he was a bit nerdy. If he is supposed to be "cold" as Tailbain accuses him of being then lets hear it! Instead, he sounds like Bruce Banner. His deminor was more of a Cyclops than anything. Jill was pretty solid.

Sounds: SOMEONE has been harboring a LOT of MK9, MGS4, and SF4 SOUNDS! You've been a busy little squarrel haven't you? Although, you chose to use the old fashioned super nintendo mortal kombat hit sounds. I'm sure you have your reasons, but they are a bit old. They work though.

Fight Scene: I have to say i've seen you animate better fight scenes. A little overuse of the taser. The best part by far was the Baraka killings....those poor Barakas.

Storyline: Unlike the majority of the newgrounds members, I for one enjoy a great, creative story more than 12 fight scenes. Your story is on par. Your script portrays the intended personalities of each character involved. As I mentioned earlier, it is the duty of the voice cast to deliver those intentions to the audience.

Presentation: You have always been strong in the presentation department. I like feeling as if i'm watching a movie and not a flash "video." The presentation is perfect from beginning to end. Very enjoyable. I also like the little easter eggs you placed in the film such as the Boon/Tobias subway sign being changed to your name and the CE-Rap brand boots. I love easter eggs.

Conclusion: The story is still solid. I think due to the time distance between the two films some of the story may have been lost. With all the hype you put into the fight scene I expected a lot more. You talked bloddy and brutal but it was more like a teaser. Congratulations, you made that awful Stryker look like a badass. Forgive me for doubting your animation powers. The script was excellent. The voice acting could have been delivered a little more solidly, but I am sure putting together voicework is difficult. Visually stunning presentation and I don't know a word that would adequately describe every piece of artwork presented. BEYOND OUTSTANDING!

R1665 responds:

A very well-thought-out critique. I would expect no less from you, man.


Nicely Done

What I want to say first and foremost, is that this flash wins epicly simply because of the sweet-ass Equilibrium reference you ever-so skillfully placed in it along with with twin-P90s serving as one of the best hits in the fight(OPEN WIDE, MOTHAFUKKAAA!!), let alone every other fine quility of this flash.

But it's not perfect. DAMN NEAR CLOSE, THOUGH!!

The fight. I won't go so far as to say short, but it did feel a little undeveloped. I remember you mentioning you were getting the hang of the characters' fighting methods way back when. I was seeing such progress as the fight unfolded, but I think it stopped a little prematurely. I think you could've gone deeper with Bison's skills; I was suprised to see that psycho ball attack thing only twice, for starters. It all made it look like Bison died fairly quick; all Striker needed was a different gun in his hands every few seconds. I didn't fully get the feel of him being a cheap douche he's famous for in the games. In fact, it simply felt as though he was trying his best to survive. Basically, I feel that Bison's fighting could've been fleshed out a bit more before he died. I was hoping he'd outdo Gambit in glorious technique, but he didn't come close.

The cutscenes. Very well done. I was interested in the story regardless of artstyle and all that, but improvements are improvements. I would've settled for still frames, but obviously C-Rap wrote the term "Initiative" in the dictionary. And that's awesome. Moving parts kept my already-high interest soaring along with the art style. NEKKID WIMENZ ROXX 2 BRAH.

I was happy to hear Tolbain's voice, it's a great voice, as well as Striker's voice. Nash's VA didn't do too well at conveying emotion like the art did, so it was really akward listening to him. And then, I'm god-damn tired of Jill's VA, but I guess she's the only female VA around? I don't dislike her, it's just....EVERYWHERE. Bison's VA. superb job. felt really legit. I wouldn't mind hearing him in the games.

Overall, a 9 out of ten. Everything was a step up from pt.2, except M. Bison's skill, which was terribly disappointing to me. You said that this was your Dream match-up, R1665, so I thought I was going to see enough of these two fighters to go, "Hey. any of these two fighters,....could totally whoop Gambit's ass!!!" Sadly, I cannot say that with confidence.

Frankly, I'm waiting for that one guy who looks strong enough to wipe that grim cockiness from Cage's face to show up. But I'm sure everything will be revealed in all due time.

Great fight, as usual!

I have to admit one thing from the start: you just keep raising the bar, RIGGS!

The artwork is also pretty good too. My hat's off to CE-RAP for a nice display of talent.

I have to agree a bit with some of the previous reviews concerning the voice-acting. During the course of the story, certain voices lose the necessary emotion required to properly emphasize the genuine tension of character. For example: When the Shadowlaw officers talk, they sound like Data from Star Trek Generations; an android with no emotion. Said scene is meant to show how thick the tension was as their organization is collapsing around their heads. The voice actor for M. Bison was great for the part, so no problems there.

Plus, when the lady whom Stryker refers to as, "Heart," is speaking her concerns regarding the situation at hand (her feelings for Stryker, etc.), I feel it needed to be redone in a more, "sensitive tone." When someone is vulnerable while admitting their own feelings, they're a little more emotional. On the other hand, I have little-to-no experience when it comes to voice acting. To all the people who did the acting, I know for a fact that there's always room for improvement, but for the most part, you did a good job. Keep up the great work.

In terms of the dialog that was exchanged between Johnny Cage and John Talbain, I know you aimed to protect the identity of the female field operative until the end of this episode, but the grammar wasn't exactly up to par, allowing the argument to flow smoothly. The rest of the dialog is well-written.

As for all of you previous critics who have complained about some, "rookie cop," like Stryker giving M. Bison a third eye, let me just say this:


In case you all haven't noticed, there are extras that carefully explain how this version of Stryker is more than just a cop; from his dimension which had been completely destroyed, this Stryker is a formal Navy Seal who returned to law enforcement. Plus Stryker had some pretty wicked ordinance to fall back on as tools that allowed him to take out Bison.

The moral of this lesson: READING IS NOT FOR LOSERS!

Have some mercy on the people who took the time to develop this series in their own way for entertainment purposes, and take the time to frick'n read a book!

Other than that, I really don't have an opinion. >.>

To RIGGS & CE-RAP: I can't wait to see what you have planned next. The work you've accomplished is fantastic up to this point, and I'm sure that the two of you, as well as the voice actors, will continue to provide all of us "Newgrounders" with high-quality entertainment.

To Tom Fulp: Thank you for giving these creative artists the necessary file size to display their talents, and keep up the good work with you website.

intresting , wonder what ep 4 & 5 will be like ?