Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"


what can I say, it's damn epic as it is. all time of waiting - and look at this!
goes little boring to the end, but anyway it's good.

P.S: do I played much Mass Effect lately, or there were a few keepers?
P.S.P: I assume that the transmission for Cage is little spoiler for plot, isn't it?

R1665 responds:

There were indeed a couple of Keepers.

"I assume that the transmission for Cage is little spoiler for plot, isn't it?"




This is what it's all about, you took this whole movie to the next level.

The fight scene, the art, the voice acting was great. As for the people who are giving 1's and telling you that your in unoriginal are just looking for excuses to be trolling pricks. Also for the people who hating on R1 for simply not liking Sub-Zero and Scropion and having them already dead or killed off is just a bunch of crazed fan boy. I like them too, but i'm not going ape shit crazy simply because of it.

The people who say that the pacing of the movie was too slow are just the types who constantly need action from begining to end. the fact is R1 is trying to convey a story, not have two sprites kick the shit out of each other for a half an hour.

to finish R1, what you did is gonna down as a classic, and i know all the hate won't stop you from making more. you get a 10/10 from me.

R1665 responds:

You are correct, sir. We shall continue.


the art was......

the best so far....and jill was a shock...hoping for a part 4.....

That was amazing.

This was a fine and improved addition to your VG Exiles Series Sir. The Animation seemed even better than last time and the Wonderful VA Cast made it even more Awesome. I would love to do Voice-Over work for you in the Future. I have plenty of contact info if you need it. This might just be my chance to get known. For now though I'll keep looking in the Audio Portal for a role. I look forward to a chance to work with this Series.


I thought i'd be bored if there wasn't a lot of fighting, but it turns out the way you made the talking scenes were actually actually equally as enjoyable as the fights. I can't wait to see what you plan is for the the future episodes.