Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

Voice acting was pretty good, but not excellent.

The art was nice but the pacing was so SLOW! Wow was it slow. If you're going to do the art slide show thing, at least give it faster pacing. The text boxes needed to go during the "sprite scene". While the pictures are nice, they had no change in facial expressions. And they sort of ruined the pacing there as well. The fight scene was just fantastic. Wow. Great job on the voice acting on the fight scene as well. That part was really fun to watch. Excellent work on the sprites.


Ever plan on showing Talbain's human form? He is a werewolf after-all. I hope we dont have to wait long for
the next episode.

R1665 responds:

I suppose this version of Talbain isn't technically a werewolf because he does not have a human form anymore. His curse manifested as a permanent change in his adolescence and he has lived 24/7 in his current form ever since.

This gives him a very different perspective from his canonical alternate.


8 scenes one fight?

and only a decent fight :/ 2 was better. Don't get me wrong it was good, but no where near a 2 year wait. Sorry but I'm dissapointed. Maybe next time.

Good but eh

Nice animation and voices, the fight scene was awesome but I wish it was drawn out more.

But overall the flash was awesome keep it up

Great fight.... but the rest...

Rare are now the days I even bother to check on newgrounds, but I'm glad I did it for this animation deserves a review :P

I'll start with the bad:
This animation has 3 major problems: sense of pace, history and voice acting.

The animation starts on a slow pace, but increases until the begining of the fight.
During the battle, you have a lot of action going on, long fight, yet it never lets the viewer bored.
However, once the battle is over, the animation nearly stops and everything runs soooo slowlly.

The story is usually the least important on this sort of combat animations and, although a little of story is always welcomed, in my opinion, seems this tries so hard to be taken seriously that ends up being a negative point on the overal animation. Maybe because of the overflow of info? ( I'll get there soon).
Additionally, it kinda seems that without reading the extras, some people will hardly have a good understanding of the story.
Also, another problem with the story, that kinda mixes with the pace is the giant amount of information that is given to the viewer after the fight.
Imo, most of that info could be probaly mixed and removed, example1: after the fight there is a huge dialog between cage and wolf dude, followed by Jill's monologue. While SOME of Cage/Wolf's info was revelant for probably any future events, MOST of Jill's was not. So an alternative could be keep switching between Cage/Wolf scenes and Jill's shower scenes. Less info on less time, the same amount of fan-service, but on a more enjoyable pace.
Example 2: change all the "I see how he looks at me yada yada" by a small comment (maybe a "spicey" one) on Jill's Striker 1st communication (even if a lot were given)...maybe a blush?

The voice acting... well I'll just quote FightningSeraph on "all characters having no emotion or specific traits". I just mention this, because I strongly believe that the voice actors can do much better, though I felt no emotion, I found the voices fit well the various chars.

As for the good...
First of all, the battle is really really really badass.
I'm no fan of bison, I'm no fan of striker (nor most of the mk cast actually) yet the battle was really good and on a certain way it is particulary cool not seeing all the same chars over and over again (ryu*cough*ken*cough*chun li*cough*random mk ninja*cough*).
Good sound, hit/sprite effects, nothing I wasnt expecting after watching the previous episode. Also, great choise of music!

Another strong point is, obviously, the comics.
Though they were probably one of the reasons for the awkward chance of speed on this animation, most drawings were really really really good, if someone doesnt want to pay attention to the story, can just pay attention to the drawings lol.
Hoping to see more of it, who knows if some of those drawings can't be used during all the sprite animation scenes (like in MvC 2 supers?...idk just brainstorming).

All things considered:
+ great fight scene
+ great drawings
+ originality

- too much useless info (remember, 1 pic is worth a thousand words, and sometimes just a small sentence can say a lot)
- smooth HELL YEAH FAST sloooooooooooooooooooooooow
- comme on people, use those great voices you have!

Good work :)