Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

Thats what I call M Bison

This is what I was expecting. The sprite animation was good, I remember Stryker's stiff, robust movements from the game and his animation looked great. You also made M. Bison worthy of a boss character again, good job. CE Rap did a great job on the artwork, as well. All that was missing was full animation. I enjoyed the story as well, but I thought some of the dialogue was a bit drawn out. The voice actors did good bringing the art to life. I'm giving you a 10 for the entertainment value. There's no need for comparison - you're on a whole different level, starting from ep. 0. Keep it up.

R1665 responds:

Yeah, I felt that both Stryker and Bison deserved some of the attention and love that they had been previously denied. Your critiques are appreciated and I'm glad you enjoyed the show!


simply awesome!

2 years after episode 2 and we get this. awesome story, awesome animation, fun ass fight, and even a few bonuses I didnt expect. Thank you R1, CE, and all the voice actors who worked on this project. the wait was well worth it.


I CANT SIT STILL.......NEED......THARIPY (docter phil??)


was about to watch it but i just absolutely cant fucking stand rina-chan so nty
i'll give it a 10 anyway.

Holy $%^&!

Honestly , At first I thought this was going to suck cause' it had no action towards the beginning , But I'm Glad I stayed through it!The battle gripped me and was actually pretty cool! It had Action , Guns and Sex appeal for the dudes...

Overall Rating-Freakin' Awesome!