Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

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Fantastic. I would like to congratulate you on completing this piece, I know I lot of time, stress, and effort all went into this video. CE-Rap did marvelous, it's insane how much he did for this (in such short time too). R1, You did a great job utilizing all the art, the voice acting, and everything else to put together this sprite epic.

The only complaint I have is... You hyped up the fight too much for me. I was expecting the fight to be revolutionary and beyond epic. To me it was an awesome, lengthy, and a well thought out fight. Definitely above average, it was awesome. I was just expecting something as life-changing as MK vs SF3.

Ergo, awesome job. If it means anything, I'm proud that you and CE-Rap were able to finish this up. Good luck on the future episode.

Funny to see this on the flash portal.

I'm sure it will have a more permanent fixture soon, and Ce-Rap's not on the art portal yet, so hit you for a recommendation.

Very cool, always nice to see time intensive work that people have put a lot of themselves into, got to go check out the earlier episodes now.

Can't wait for future installments

Sadly disappointing

Honestly with all of the hype leading up to this episode(an entire half hour!), it only having one fight scene, and no real story to speak of, it let me down. I realize how much time and effort was put into this flash. While the voice acting and graphics are smooth and very nice, there was very little meat to the episode.

Hopefully the next will deliver.

All good, minus the random fanservice

Weaved a great story together with this, but you don't really need a shower scene for her to explain what happened to her world. Either way, Art was nice, Sprite battle was nice, and the voice acting was good. Looking forward to Episode 4 in a few years >___>


Awesome movie.