Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"


but i thought it was gonna end there....



Xionic 4 and VGE 3 out in the same week, with Krinkels short due on 22... its gonna be a good week


Fuckin awesome, expected no less

only one flaw.... we now have to wait for the sequel

Hope to see more of the multiverse next time!

PS: Jill valentine, lolwut?

R1665 responds:

"PS: Jill valentine, lolwut?"

It's a big Multiverse, man! ANYONE can show up!



Really great art work And voices was good too i like the story too its wery interesting ^_^
The music and sound efects was good too ^_^
really nice work must have taken a great deal of time
you get my deepest respect For Awesomeness like this and for takling the time and all
i look forward for the next one ^_^

Breath taking...

It was so epic that it was worth the wait... A massive epic level of improvement from the last episode. Improved Art... (love Jill's art), MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT on the voice acting (gotta love Stryker's voice actor's badassness), Straight to the point b*tch slapping gun slinging fights and all out FATALITY!

Enjoying the plot too also. Quick to the pace, not too much space to leave us hanging, and yet we can still keep up.

Maybe for the next episode... tag team battle? Wanna see Stryker and Jill tag team kick ass on some group :D

You sir... Are the definition of EPIC AWESOME!

This was just totally perfect!