Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

Greatly done

Quite well done I think for a part three. Took me a few minutes at the start though to figure out that the girl was Jill Valentine in disguise. How was her homeworld destroyed anyways? Albert Wesker? This series is turning out to be quite promising so far as well. Possibly the only thing that even slightly annoys me is that fact that when the people were talking during the highly detailed scenes is that they had a lack of mouth movement. Kind of just felt like they were talking with their minds at parts too.

The storyline remains interesting as M.Bison seeked to create a new base in the Mortal Kombat universe so he could do further destructive things but he got destroyed by the blond guy wearing a Stryker outfit as well which was interesting. Nice use of the Doom soul cube as well. Think it was cool how he used it.

As for the Johnny Cage outfit, I kind of found it a bit off. I always kind of saw him as one wearing some karate gear or a business suit for some reason. Also the wolf guy slightly reminded me of Wargerurumon from Digimon for some reason or another. The graphics for the non sprite scenes were in great detail thankfully.

The voice acting was great once again here too. Everyone tended to do their lines well too. The music in the back was pretty nice as well. Sadly I too failed to recognize the tune playing during the ShadowLab cutscene too. Music was still a very large and greatly done part of this piece though so I enjoyed it while it played here.

The battle was great here and I quite enjoyed it too. The credits were very well done too. Nice to see you gave credit where it was due and even pulled up album art when you needed to on this one. Also that is one huge file size upload too, incredibly well done though so it works out here I think.

Overall, part three was very well done as usual. I am looking forward to the next part too!

All good, minus the random fanservice

Weaved a great story together with this, but you don't really need a shower scene for her to explain what happened to her world. Either way, Art was nice, Sprite battle was nice, and the voice acting was good. Looking forward to Episode 4 in a few years >___>

It was pretty much what i hoped for ..but

It was more story, than fighting? Don't get me wrong i really enjoyed it, but im pretty sure i care for cages and that wolf guy bitchiness. I watch it all to give any clues about the next fight.

Suggustion for the future, longer fights and ..i dunno fei long vs dead pool?


Pretty Awesome

You guys did an amazing job I was literally waiting for this for awhile and I'm grateful that you live up to your deadlines. Fuck what people on here saying about the pictures and slideshows, these people don't know anything about flash work I guess. I wish and was the hoping while I was watching it that it would be way more fight. I personally like the 2nd ep the most this was good but way too story but I also understand you NEED to build a story! I will wait for the next one hopefully it will be before 2013!

R1665 responds:

Yeah, this two-year delay was a one-time thing. Not gonna happen again.


Very good and worth the wait, but...

CE-RAP's illistrations were amazing, R166's choreography was top notch (I especially dug the gun-kata), and the voice acting was nice. My only drawback was with Nash. There was one scene in particular; in the beginning, he was yelling at "Heart" in the picture. Obviously he's pissed, the orders are boo-boo. The voice, unfortunatly, didn't sound angry enough. He sounded irritated, not pissed. The voices need to match the situation to make this series work as well as it is capable of. Other than that, fucking loved it!