Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"


I've been waiting for this since the second one and possibly a Mortal Kombat Failtality 2 :). Thanks for taking the time out to do this for us! I deeply appreciate it!

R1665 responds:

You're more than welcome.


Ok, its official

you either have beaten both in original Story line, action, and design against MK vs. SF 3 by Proxicide.

This video has and MUSt be one of the TOP Flash Video of ALL-TIME!! In fact, i think you may have gotten ideas by Proxicide's MK vs. SF3 flash which is a great thing. If not then even more props cause u may have taken his place as the best artist to date. :-) keep it up and hope to see the next episode in the near future.


dopeness once again

this is by far the best series on newgrounds.."f" what other people say. i will say that i wish there were more fight scenes with more characters like in vg 2. but all in all very much worthy of a perfect score.

How do you kill that which has no life?

And how do you give something a ten when it only has a five as an option?

A review I guess! It's the first time I've seen so much story in a flash. Great voice acting and the animation was good. Yeah it's not as "animated" as some things out there, but beyond that it was incredible. I can only imagine if it was full motion.

A Line in the Sand

I have to say, i love this, not to dis your previous artist, but it was kinda of like playing a Playstation 1 game; you can't differentiate a face from an ass. but holy-WOW this was amazing! the Combat Scene was great. Smooth, flashy, nostalgic, very nice. but i have to say it was short; not bashing it all, after all: Less is More. but i say short because you focused the bulk of this episode on story and background within the film instead of leaving it to some side bar (which I'm sure everyone still read) and i say "A Line in the Sand" because this episode may not be considered "The Best" but its a setting stone for where your going with your idea. Your making your own series and "Fan-Fiction" would be a fucking insult to all of your guy's work. Your fan base is going to go from broad Sprite-Fight lovers, to the people who care more than who's up next to fight. thats why the score may not be VG 2, but its its own beast now. Since I see the love for MGS is noticeable in the details, perhaps your ending theme should have been "The Best Is Yet To Come" because we can all see that from these 30 min of Newgrounds History. Best of luck Masters of Montage.

P.s. One bad thing about this is that you really played up the blood bath goryness of this ep. and i have to say it wasn't that Messy. That is all. - Manghuelo