Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"


this game is aw inspiring, i mean the story is so incredibly written, it most certanitly points out the life of one who's was completely unfufilled, awsome game man keep up the good work in what ever you do


Great game. Will play many times. Just a small tip. DON'T TOUCH STRANGE THINGS YOU FIND LYING AROUND.


This game definitely deserves a higher score than 3.86. The story was really interesting and complex. And you added a button to go back to the previous choice! Kinda stinks when you have to restart from the beginning every time you want to find a different ending.

Interesting Game

I don't usually give reviews but I wanted to say it's a great game I didn't notice I got all endings but it's pretty confusing how one decision can drasticly change the 'path' I hipe I'll be seeing more.

Really Good Game!

Well, I found the game rally interesting!
You made a really good job by making this game!

I agree with Halcyonic Falcon X, there should be more music diversification. But the text is okay, we gotta understand the game to stick up with the whole history and it's endings.

In a overall, I would give a lower rating, just for these little imperfections, but just by seeing your effort, I'll give you 10 stars!