Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"


Dammit Future Todd leave me alone I dont want to rape or kill no one


my ending seemed like future todd was gonna kill someone

Wow, I'm really touched by this!

You really are a gifted writer, and all the branches you wove up together, and all the different endings... wow!
Makes you think about your own life, and especially the daily decisions you make, and how they influence the path your life takes. Makes me also think how many wrong decisions I may have taken so far... =/

This is going right up to my favourite list!


this was an enjoyable entertaining original story. i found 8/35 endings it has good amount of replay valuefor sure. i love the story i won't spoil much for others but time travel for an obsession is a good plot. the music is awesome goes with each part of story. i only whish there was a narrator.

A true adventure experience

With lots of ending options and the unexpected ending...this is one game one will play over and over again. And the music is great too!!