Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

not bad

I like the Idea but I'm afraid I'm not who this was written for. I could not work up any interest in the teen angst thing. I gave it a go 3x as a game concept great, if not simple flowchart. A different story I might have kept going. Not a bad thing.

MOST AWSOME THING EVAR (on newgrounds)

my favorite game in newgrounds although it's sad that after doing so good up to ending 29 angela offers todd to use the device, and you just know he will do something stupid and accidentally delete it XD.

Oh I love this game!

'Nuff said!

This is so Freaking cool!!!

Why can't big developers see that stuff like this is cool too? This game is just so unique, so amazing, no wonder it's exclusive to the internet! Look, not everyone will enjoy this, if you want to mindlessly murder some random crap, this is Newgrounds, they have that here. BUT, if you want to do something unique and interesting, there's stuff like this.
Wonderfully written, kept me in suspense and wonder throughout the entire story.
The artwork for Michael Swain was amazing. I just wish more people would try to be more bold like this, instead of just trying to create something that they think everyone will vote 5 because "LoL, I totally p0wnd that alien!"
I like mindless fighting as much as the next guy (maybe even a little more) but I grew up with games and books like this. I love it!
This is what inspires me and I hope whoever reads this review will put the X-Box controller for a bit and give this unique genre a try too!

One of the greatest games ever to grace newgrounds

Absolutely and without a doubt brilliant. Well written dialogue (which is an incredible rarity in flash games), a brilliant smart sci-fi storyline told in a way that actually makes use of an interactive medium without getting overly excited with it's own cleverness and forgetting to make well developed characters like clever sci-fi often can. I sincerely hope you write another game in a similar vein because this has honestly made me think of flash games as a media in a better light. I'd also love to see this adapted to a more adventure game type interface or see some of your work in that genre. Again brillaint work, keep it up.

GregLoire responds:

True story: I'm working on a second one, and I hit a lull for a couple of months, but your kind words encouraged me to work on it more last weekend.

So basically what I'm saying is that if I finish it and it turns out to really suck, it's all your fault!