Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

Can't express my awe in words.

I'm shocked for this game getting only 4th place. This probably is hands down the underdog of the year, it deserves a much better place.

I sincerely love it. Wonder how long it took you, but I wanna shake your hand! Nice story, good character progression, a lot of alterations. Been a joyous 2 hours, if not 3.

My only disagreement is that I wanted to read more at some endings. Please tell me you're working on something similar, or will do in the near future.

GregLoire responds:

Thanks! I was actually pretty excited to get underdog of the week, so don't pity me too much. :-P

I'm in the rough early planning phase of a second interactive story thing, but the setting/themes/characters/tone will be completely different, so we'll see how well it works, if I manage to finish it.


I love games like this, with a focus on story. I just wish there were more like it on Newgrounds, so you should definately make some more.

There are no words.

This is literally the most fun I've ever had with a flash game, and after a decade of playing them, I'd like to think I know a thing or two. The different endings and the way they interacted were nothing short of astonishing. Some people have touched on the possibility of expanding the artwork, making characters different depending on different situations, instead of one Todd, all the time. Though I honestly can't find fault with the story you've written or the way you've presented it, more character images would make this...more perfect, I suppose.


the story totally blew my mind. it was very exciting following the different storylines and some of the endings just left me with my jaw open, thinking "WTF!" (in a good way though ^^). amazing how some minor information the reader gains at one ending can change how the reader looks at the ALL the events in different storylines.
What i like too is that some things are left open for the readers fantasy. not too open so you don't get confused. it's just the right mix of information and reader fantasy that add up to the mysterious feeling as the story advances. really a great piece of writing.

Music was great too. just fits the mood.

Sometimes it felt a bit strange that the displayed characters were wearing the same clothes all the time. Changing the images according to the situation would have been nice (changing their expression on their faces was good though). backgrounds too. maybe a little bit like those japanese visual novel games?

again: awesome work! i enjoyed it very much!


I think this is incredible. I think you could easily make this into a top-down game... But with limits. I love this the way it is, just a suggestion.