Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

I love this i remember playing this last year.... never could find it again and now I have I am a happy gamer again :D Love this game wish there was more of em :( How did you come up with this type of story I mean time-travel to help our past selves I've seen that.... but this story is just awesome... I love it..... Dude keep up the work.....

GregLoire responds:

Here was my thought process with coming up with the story:

"Wouldn't it be cool if you could go back in time, just to mess with your past self to see what would happen? Or maybe you could help your past self do something you never got a chance to do. Maybe win the lottery, or become a rockstar or something. Or maybe there's a person that your past self always wanted to be with, and maybe you could help. But what if you still wanted to be with that person too? Then maybe you'd become jealous, and bad shit would ensue. Maybe you from the future is evil, and the story could be told from the perspective of you from the past..."

It practically wrote itself past that point.

Amazing development in the characters.

Kind of creepy of who you become. You're a rapist and possibly murderer.

Wow, this was great. I grew up reading those cheap D&D "Choose Your Own Adventure" mini-novels, and this just blew me away. The art was pretty interesting too, and the layout was perfect. Great job. Ending 16 was incredible.

ice one, took me about a hour and a halve to get al the endings