Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"


I sat here for over an hour just reading all the possible endings. The story caught me by surprise with the darker turns and twists and Future Todd was interesting for me in the different roles he played depending on how you went through. By far I enjoyed the ending with Ashley and Todd at Clints wedding but even the darker endings were great. This is going into my favorites and I think I will revisit it often. 5/5 10/10 Tho one thing I wish was different, the truth about the ear piece might be hard for some people to gather but its not a big thing. Awesome job!

Storytelling at its best!

When first playing this game, I was thinking that it would be some kind of comedy where a future you comes back in time just to help you get that one girl. Although, as I go deeper into the story and run into a couple of the endings, I began to get intrigued more and more about this "Future Todd" and what he is really like.

This game has a great story with great characters in them and if you were to go through all the possible endings then you'll find that this game was a great read. The back button not only made it easier to get all the endings, but it also makes it feel like you are going back in time as well (which fits the time travel theme very well)

So great job and I hope to see more from you in the future!


Pure epic... You would go through pick your answers then go back and pick a few more hoping to answer the question you had about the ending you just got to get hit with even more i love it good work sir hope to see more...

Awesome game!

Wow Greg, this is definitely one of my favorite games ever! I love the plotline and all the different endings. You have a really creative mind. It's so extraordinary and unreal. This is definitely not your average Choose Your Own Adventure. A definite 10/10!

Hey Greg!

Nice Game!