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Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"


PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER! This game was amazing. The graphics were meh, but I don't care. Awesome story!

quite nice

my very first ever was the bloody ending when the guy asked if I defeated the oringinal guy who wore the earpiece,well at last I did sumthing good,I just love CYOA(choose your own adventure)type games.nice timelines by the way

awesome game

ilove ending 16...Live your life. Enjoy every moment of your thousand-dollar soul."

Long and hard to get a good ending...

Moral of this story:
Don't f***ing do drugs.

GregLoire responds:

Or just don't do mysterious drugs from the future whose effects you know nothing about!

Can't express my awe in words.

I'm shocked for this game getting only 4th place. This probably is hands down the underdog of the year, it deserves a much better place.

I sincerely love it. Wonder how long it took you, but I wanna shake your hand! Nice story, good character progression, a lot of alterations. Been a joyous 2 hours, if not 3.

My only disagreement is that I wanted to read more at some endings. Please tell me you're working on something similar, or will do in the near future.

GregLoire responds:

Thanks! I was actually pretty excited to get underdog of the week, so don't pity me too much. :-P

I'm in the rough early planning phase of a second interactive story thing, but the setting/themes/characters/tone will be completely different, so we'll see how well it works, if I manage to finish it.