Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

Very good, one of the best!

One of the best interactive fiction i've read these last years. Quality writing and cohesive story. Well done!

this is realy fantastic!

where did you even get the ideas for this, the writing, the music, even the format of the interactive story part of it just blows my mind! i usualy hate it when stories are text-based, but this was more than tolerable, but enjoyable in the greatest sense of the word!

GregLoire responds:

Thanks for the review! You're the first person to ask how I got the idea for the story. I think most people just assume that there's some high school crush I never got over. :-P

I was daydreaming one day about time travel (who hasn't?), and I thought it would be an interesting story for someone to go back in time and help the past version of himself do something (partially inspired by TimeSplitters: Future Perfect). Then I thought it might be an interesting twist if the future version somehow became jealous of the success of the past version. From there it seemed like a love interest would make the most sense, and then the story mostly wrote itself -- the future version would probably have to be the bad guy, and enough of a social outcast to still be obsessed with the same person as the past version.

The "past as a simulation" element was added later, and I still have mixed feelings about it.

Just wow.

This piece of interactive fiction sent shivers down my spine, made me cry and made me feel happy and...oh, I just love it so much.
Awesome story, fantastic story-telling, great character graphics...just brilliant.

Very Good.

I'll just say this, Future Todd was an evil bastard.

GregLoire responds:


Holy Cow!

This game made me relive all the past mistakes and times when I felt like I should have said something or gotten enough balls to talk to that one girl I crushed on back in the day.

Said things I should have said, or not said things that were stupid and dumb.

Dang, this transcends regular choose-your-own-adventure stuff.