Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

intresting game

darn there sure are alot of endings, a good game but couldn't really get into it

Bloody good.

Here's a diamond in the rough. I read books anytime I get the chance, and though this is my first 'choose your own adventure' sort of story, I must say it would rival any sort of top ten fictional novella you would see at a book store.

I'm not the kind of person that cares so much about artwork, but I give a lot of credit to the content and complexity of a story. Which begs me to ask why the writer hasn't gone about having this published?

While the player (or reader, rather) may fall upon poor endings, every ending in itself elucidates more of the plot. You may play through the first time and get the 'good' ending, but you would still be left in the dark about the true scheme of things.

I was compelled to read every single outcome.

Swain would have done well to actually commit some animation to some of the endings (perhaps more of the gory ones, would have loved to see future Todd copping a throat in his neck, given his character), but otherwise the story alone would definitely carry the weight of a paperback.

Good work Greg!

not my style

but very good concept if it was a bit more interactive

GregLoire responds:

Yeah, if I do another one I'll definitely work harder to keep the walls of text between choices under control.

Real Work of Art

Absolutely outstanding. The artwork was amazing, the music was amazing, and the work you put into the story and the diverging endings was staggering. Beautiful job.
By the way, have you made the music available for download elsewhere?

GregLoire responds:

Yeah, check the credits.

That was amazing. You've really thought this out

Each ending revealing just a little bit more about the mystery of the situation, and then it rolled into one extremely believable story with no plot holes or anything. It was perfect.
I would pay to see that in a cinema - the story was sweet and scary. almost like the Butterfly Effect, except that your story seemed actually possible and dealt with real life situations.
Please make more. That was great!