Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"


I loved this game. Then again, I'm really into interactive fiction/choose your own adventure games. There really aren't enough of them. I could tell you put in a lot of work and the game had a great creepy/happy feel (depending on which choices you picked). Great job and I hope to see more games of this genre released by you soon :)


all your effort is worth it. very creative and excellent artwork. i've gotten 7 different endings thus far and looking to play more

Very good idea..

Got all 35 endings. Took me about an hour cause i had to keep rereading things. But the story line was very well written and your characters are very well portrayed.


This was very interesting to play. I finished in about half an hour with all endings. Definatly an interesting choose your adventure, and very unique. Honestly, my only critique would be to have the charatcers change clothes a bit. Maybe a bit of voice acting. Other then that, i really got nothing negative to say. Good job. Plus, drawn by the Swain. How cool is that.


great read, and I think I pieced togther the whole story, and i also got all the endings.
Thanks for the great game