Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

The game is cool

i love the song xD

One of the best choose your own adventures

After getting ending #29 I kind of expected you to use that in some of the other endings, but then you didn't and I was kind of surprised.
It seemed like a logical next step, variations on a theme, if you will.

I really enjoyed the happy ending, especially #34.

You should make some more of these, I would be delighted to read more.


the internet needs more games like this

aaaaaaa nice game and story

I finish all the endings

f*ing awesome

I love it. It's simply a brilliant and touching story, or stories, rather. There's not much more to say about it - the fact that egoraptor drew the characters is just icing on the cake :D

If it was a couple decades ago, and you were working for Infocom, you'd be one of the top names in the world for gaming.

GregLoire responds:

Actually the art was done by... eh, close enough. I guess they are sort of the same person.