Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"


I think the only reason anyone rated this less than perfect is cause they don't feel like reading. Brilliant story... great sci-fi... The only holes I see is that I don't know why he bothers raping her or making deals with Past Todd in his timeline when he can go back to his favorites screen and rape her repeatedly there and that he doesn't just turn himself invisible to Todd or something when fights break out.

deep, very very deep and i love the music

this has to be one of the most deep, well thought out, enjoyable, immersing flash games ive played in a long while.

and i love the concept here, i went along thinking about the time travel story until the part where you spot the oddities and then i remembered the title and so on.

all in all, i loved it and i hope i come across more games like this from you =)

my mind is blown...

ending #16 says it all. i will not spoil it for anybody, play through and try to get ending #16 and you will understand a big chunk of the story. all I can say is great game and story, wow.

i have no words

this is amazing. everything is just piecing together. i love this with everything in me


I played this game for an hour and a half, trying to get all the endings and figuring out each piece of the story. The story is truly unique in nature, and although it may seem basic when first looked at, it is amazingly in depth and complex. Your writing was easy to follow, but thorough enough to deliver vivid emotions and setting. I truly admire your courageousness and creativity in making such a masterful piece of work.
This has little relevance to anything else, but I really enjoyed ending #16. I found it very powerful.
Once again, thank you for such a marvelous gift to newgrounds.