Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

An incredibly dark and thrilling journey!

What an amazing ride! I was intrigued at first- the future Todd is here, and he's going to help me out- help me to get a girl, apparently.

But what you discover as you play this game is not only that it ends abruptly sometimes- but that it has very good reason to. This is the first time I've seen a choose your own adventure that had sudden endings that made logical sense. The earpiece thing- FT should really have gotten a strap for that or something I mean he blew a grand on it- I didn't get at first. At first I felt just like Todd, in that I had no idea why I was waking up in Future Todd's body with a severed finger in my pocket. But then I met Clint, and then I started to piece it together after some of the horrible options presented themselves- leaving the invisible FT alone with his now-teenage 4 decade obsession after presumably killing a man?

The "I was Drunk" during the Africa storyline pissed me off a little. I'm not sure why. It makes sense, considering what the unaltered Todd becomes later in life. It just pissed me off a little. I guess because I had no control over that. I had control over the Angelfire part, so why not the alcohol part? That seems like a time FT would jump in and say something like "Hey, get her really drunk and you could be golden! Go for it, wimp!" Considering the structure of the story, it'd probably end up as either that or "I refuse" leading into yet another "ok fine, end simulation" ending.

The back button is the only thing that kept me in the game. I'm one of those people who would keep several bookmarks in their CYOA book to "revert" death and I wouldn't have made it very far if I had to replay the entire game word for word. I certainly wouldn't have hit every ending, though I did have to pull the guide up for one I missed. (It was just a FT-earpiece one anyway.)

I didn't really notice the artwork. The expressions changed yes, but it was only only when a dramatic change from what I kept seeing occurred that I took notice- Angela's a great example. I only really noticed when I got a scene where she was passed out that "oh hey the portraits change occasionally."

What I did notice was the way the portraits USED would change depending on what location in the page you were on. That was a nice touch, even if I didn't really see them that well.

This was an amazing story. I'll piece together what I learned about it.


It turns out that as Todd grew up at first, he didn't make any successful moves on Angela, his lifelong crush. Years, even decades pass by. Angela marries a friend of hers- Clint. He's a jerk and you know it, but your obsession never left you. Someone invents a thousand dollar earpiece that has the ability to scan your brain and conscious mind. Taking this "scan", it replicates a virtual reality world and allows you to place yourself inside it so long as the simulation is running. FT finally snaps. He buys one, determined to see a virtual world where Todd gets Angela. The first of the events occur for Todd, where he saves Angela's mother or not.

FT snaps once more- after seeing Clint in the virtual world. He breaks into Clint and Angela's house, beats Clint and ties up Angela- who later escapes via a butcher knife- but not before activating the earpiece again. He cuts Clint's ring finger off as an act of defiance against their pairing, putting it in his shirt.

At this point, if you chose a path where FT gets away (any storyline where his body is inhabited at the time YEARS AFTER the break-in- Africa comes to mind), he goes to Cancun. His lifelong dream, as Todd describes way at the start.

This is why the world ends so much:
Our Todd turns out to be a simulation. If at any point FT decides that timeline was no longer worth pursuing or is killed, the world ends abruptly. The earpiece simulation is ended. That's why all those endings are there. If you let FT have his way, he gets satisfied. He probably makes it a favorite and reruns it, trapping you. in those same decisions forever.

Endings 16 and 34 are the best. 16 is just neat, and 34 is the most humane.

GregLoire responds:

Thanks for the review. I actually agree with your criticisms. I couldn't figure out another way to progress the plot other than have the earpiece fall out, so that little coincidental event ends up happening more times than I was happy with. :-P Oh well!

I added in the alcohol thing during a later edit because I wanted to show that Todd has a bit of a just-beneath-the-surface dark side to him even if he's still relatively innocent and feels guilty about it, but I thought about editing that part out later. I could have gone either way... Maybe I should have left it out. Oh well.

Cat Planet

Can I haz Spaghetti?

Old classics

This reminds me of that book i encounter two years ago in seventh grade.... A "Choose your own adventure" Book Classic!

A few months ago i thought "When I'm older I'll make a flash based about the book series , i think it should be based on my life"
But i never knew that you had the same idea of making one in flash , The reason why i wanted to make one in flash is to revive the book series... That book From the Goosebumps series.... I found a CYOA from the goosebump series... It's name was "Under the magcian's Spell" , Good book... Barely any good endings if The auther of GooseBumps made it...

It really does remind me of it... But i just speed through it... But i love reading ever since i read that book.

Here's a Wiki to the Choose your own adventure thingy.

Good game.... But in most "CYOA" books I think the last page of the book is the common ending.

How many months did it take for you to make this?
Trust me... I really did want to make a game for the book series.. With Animated endings and voices for the endings and introduction.

And so here ends my Review.

Amazing job!

I loved the story, even thought now I'm more confused than ever, but still it was great!

This was perfect.

Very artsy, and very extremely well done, thank God. Overall, epic performance. It's obvious you put a ton of effort into it. I hope this stays on the front page for some time. Thank you for creating this.

The only possible improvement would be to make it longer and make more paths. It's a very good concept and I'd love to see stuff like this brought back, as these are what video games are about.