Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"


I got all of the ending after an hour and I have to say this was very original. I like and the concept of the mind being stored and being able to have your own world cool. But why is it when you go to real Todd you are almost always in the bathroom of Clint's house. Future you is a friggin stalker. Anyways cool game please make another.

truly awesome

this game is truly awesoem i think i played it for almost 2 hours well to be more exact i red it but anyways its just awesome and i hope it comes miore stuff like htat !

I liked it

I couldn't really get into it, but I disagree with balama because this is supposed to be a text based thing and saying what he said is like saying a book could use some pictures.

to much text

if it was an animatoin 9/10 but twas rubbish

Absotulety an amazing read.

That is a game that really hooked me, and be surprised, since I'm a person with an extremely short attention sp- oh, look! A kitty! Wait, what? Oh yes, as I was saying, this game has a very nice storyline, the Future Todd character sure was an intriguing person, with many mysteries surrounding him, which was my motivation to continue playing, along with a great story overall.
Nice work, Greg! :)