Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

quite nice

my very first ever was the bloody ending when the guy asked if I defeated the oringinal guy who wore the earpiece,well at last I did sumthing good,I just love CYOA(choose your own adventure)type games.nice timelines by the way

Worth it to go through the whole thing, but...

It was definitely fun to go through the whole thing, and even going back to see the timeline for the different ending, but there were a few things about the endings that were weird. It almost seems like there are four, maybe five, different timelines.

There's the very common ending where Future Todd has found where she lives (probably tracked her down from the coffee place) and attacked them both. Which I guess could lead to the ending where he's on the beach and, I'm guessing, either was going to or did propose to Madison. Something didn't go well it seems, it's all left really confusing with that ending.

Then there's the only mentioned once ending where Clint and Todd became best buds, which I'm guessing is only a simulation.

And then there's the "he killed the mugger and they get married ending." This one is kinda confusing in that I'm guessing it's only a simulation ending, but I'm not 100% sure. Though as I'm typing I understand now. That's why they're illegal. The AI is obtained illegally isn't it? It's gotten from medical brain scans that shouldn't be made public. Alright, now I see what exactly you did there with that ending.

So I guess the only really confusing ending is the Madison ending, I'd really like to know what happened with that.

GregLoire responds:

SPOILERS! Madison is Angela. Clint's full name is Clint Madison, and Angela took his last name when she married him. Clint mentions his full name in one of the paths. Future Todd just calls her Madison because he doesn't want Todd to know who he's talking about (Todd doesn't know Clint's last name).

The beach scene takes place 2 years after the attack (2045, rather than 2043). Basically, he got away with it and escaped to Cancun.

The one where Clint and Todd end up as best buds is indeed a simulation.

A fantastic game.

I'll admit, with the rise of "art games" I was a bit worried that this would have the common issues they seem to have. Many games would rather present obscure details in an attempt at "deepness" rather than an actual plot.

This particular game did not crumble into that. Once all the endings were found, loose ends were tied up and the player could get a basic grasp of what happened. You also get summaries of unlocked endings if you didn't completely remember them, which is nice.

I would recommend playing this if you enjoy text based adventure games.

Oh and thank you for including a back button, I can't imagine how long getting all the endings would take without it.


I loved piecing together the story through all the different endings. I liked how you tried to show FT attempting to be humane once or twice, and not just an ultimately bad guy. Though, he certainly isn't even close to neutral. The back button was a good idea. Not sure I would have pursued all the endings if it wasn't there. As it was, I got all the endings. The one about FT and his 'favorite' from the menu was pretty creepy. If I could give more points for the lolcats references (and angelfire and geocities), I would. Overall, really great job, very interesting and fun CYOA.

beyond epic

one of the best stories I've heard in awhile, great sense of mystery, I had to play for 3 hours straight just to get all the endings, but it was worth it. I hate though that there's not one definite 'good' ending, but some of the endings are just as enjoyable