Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

really nice

i finished all 35 endings. the only thing i would like to see is a summary or everything that happened and all the different timelines and a clear idea of when old todd jumped back in time, and more clarification on the cognitive earpiece that they have been using, and what it meant when angela was old and also was on that earpiece....

baiscally. because this is not just a regular choose ur own adventure, its supposedly interlinked, i would like to see basically a summary of how everything falls toetgher in good time.

i only get the few pieces here and there, so it would be nice to understand the entire picture.


PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER! This game was amazing. The graphics were meh, but I don't care. Awesome story!

Loved it

I went ahead and got every ending, because this was a great story and I really wanted to see how it all pieced together. I like choose your own adventure books in general, and this one was really well done. It's also a cool concept for time traveling, because you get to go through and see how things could be different a lot more than with just a linear story. It's hard to say what my favorite ending is, but typically I like it when future Todd ends up better off, either because Todd directly steps in for him or because he learned on his own he should be a better person.
Anyway, I'd like to see more from you, because this was really good! It's probably the best thing I've read in quite a while. Honestly, I don't know what kinda job you have, but I think you're a really good author and could probably sell stuff you write pretty well.

Oh also, UO shirt! nostalgia'd.

It demands that I finish!

This is a remarkable quality in a game, to truly feel moved to find everything that isn't exactly 'necessary' so you can fully understand the story. It was detailed, intricate, and free of plot holes. I absolutely loved it. The only thing I found was wanting was the artwork. Not the style or quality, just that there wasn't enough of it. There could have been situational environments and the like, more depictions of the scenes or animations of actions and the like. Yet I also understand that this is focused on the literary element and not the flashy part, so I still give it a 9. Awesome job!


good job