Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

I thought this would suck..

Boy, was I wrong..
The music really set the mood too, especially in the bad ends. x.x'
**Ending #34 is the best fucking one though. So much closure, and Future Todd is finally at peace in his own time.**

awesome game

ilove ending 16...Live your life. Enjoy every moment of your thousand-dollar soul."


A better presentation would've been a text box display with graphics above it as opposed to a conversation-focused two person display... Allows rooms to make use of the artist's talent, with some violence and nudity to really make it worth it's 17+ rating.

Great idea, but.. I can't help but say it wasn't all that dark.

Loved it.

I loved the entire story. It is evident that so much work and time was dedicated to this game. If you haven't already you should turn this into a short story... I would be very interested in reading it. Anyway fantastic job I wish we could see more things like this on newgrounds. Great Job.

Don't read this review before playing the game!

*SPOILERS* Don't ruin the game by reading this first!

Game was so good I just had to review it. A lot of people here have already commented on the storyline, so I'm not gonna bother much with it, really. It was fantastic, and getting all of the endings to pierce everything together just to see what was going on was one of those "WOAH" moments you get in movies and games.

First I tried to put myself in Todd's place and see where that would lead. I got the 8th ending, and that instantly picked my curiosity. I just had to know what was going on. I was surprised when I did, to say the least. Even though it relied on the overused time-travel, it felt completely original, specially when you find out it isn't time-traveling at all!
I loved how you explained any questions the reader might have, with details such as FT explaining how he was invisible but could interact, separate timeline, no Todd came back for FT and whatnot.
Todd asking those questions really gave life to the character. Those are things I'd probably ask as well if this happened to me.

Moving on, the artwork. It was good, no doubt about it. Helped setting the mood and I loved how it changed as you scroll down, even though some of those changes were subtle, such as a smile turning into a frown. You really don't pay that much attention to the drawings when you are reading. I noticed mostly when something drastic changed, such as a character on the floor, or Todd moving forward in his fighting stance. No complaints about the artwork, I love Swain's style. As a matter of fact, I might PM him for further info on the settings he used to get that solid lineart in Flash.

Anyway, the music. I'm not gonna say it was memorable, or anything, but it helped set the mood, and that's what I feel is the most important part of any music in a game. I specially liked how it would change depending on the text, to something more dramatic to calm.

Also, just something I wanted to say:

God, it's so refreshing to not have to go back through everything I've already seen just to click on that "No" instead of "Yes". Sort of like those CYOA books, you know? You make a choice, and if you end up dying, you just go back to where you are and choose the other option instead.
As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons I got all of the endings.

To conclude, amazing debut on Newgrounds, bro! Here's hoping I'll see more from you in the future, specially if it's another CYOA.
I love those so much :3