Reviews for "The Relic Rush"


think it was a great game, but i think it could be improved..

not so bad!:D

but ... there are still bugs i was suddenly teleportet up to 8th floor and in the egyptian world i couldent get much far away than over the river ... fix these bugs and u have a really good game!!!

You nearly got me there

The game is ok, but I really think that this kid needs an aim in his life. Also, you did a very bad thing, you ignored the character's sprite. If there's one thing ou must keep in mind, it is the character, he must have a kick-ass sprite, nice movements, dashing abilities, become less overpowered because of momentum, and have better accalleration, nearly as if he started at full speed, just increase a little after 2 foot hits.

It also lacks interactivity. layers only need to jump, wait and move. Adding some attacks, maybe ability to topple boxes over the guards, and somehow disable cameras, to achieve a high score would help a lot.

Well Animated

The animations were nice and clean. The character moved smoothly and the opening scene was nice. The problem is that its not that fun due to lack of good gameplay (as well as logic). Basically all you do is run around trying not to get caught, but if you DO get caught all that happens is your health bar getting a bit lower.

While the health bar was a unique concept, it wasn't the right thing for this sort of game. If you want to keep the health bar you could have the guards fight you (simple punches and whatever) and the lasers hurt you, if you're caught by a camera = game over. Or if you're caught at all = game over. Also try adding a cutscene when the game is over, like you being thrown into jail or something. ^_^ Also try using less repetitive music it loops too soon.

Well cheers,

It was ok but nothing intresting really happens. The puzzles were very nice but you could just jump and run the over without any need to solve them. The music is nice too. What I didn't like is that there are some defects at some corners for example in which you can't jump, or at the floor labels at which you hit your head when jumping.. These were just some details that made me to enjoy your game less.

P.s. I loved the old man running and jumping lasers theme!