Reviews for "The Relic Rush"

Not bad, but...

I found a glitch in the museum. I got to thr 2nd floor and lumped left into the pillar wall. It sucked me up to the 8th floor.

ok but...

it gets really repetive and you should lose health much faster and why are the super flash bros only mkaing games now what happend to decline of video gaming i miss those series i and i think a lot of other people do to

It was fun...

'til I fell through the floor in Level 2, into one of the black areas. Which thus meant I couldn't get out. But aside from that little problem, great game.

what the hell!

every time i tried to play, the guy wouldn't stop jumping. every time he touches theground he just jumps right back up and he wont stop. is it supposed to do that? i voted 5 before i started playing cuz everything you guys make is great. But i just cant play it because of that bug. PLEASE FIX IT!

great game!

its a great game, apart from it being short.