Reviews for "The Relic Rush"


i think i hit everything at least once and i still didn't die..i like the game though..nice controls and graphics and gameplay..simple

fix the easy factor and it a 10 outta 10..

I liked it

I only played about half of the game though. Once I got the artifact, I had already realized that sometimes when you jump through a laser and hold space the lasers don't hurt you. After that on the Egypt part I accidently walked left instead of right, fell off the edge for three or so floors. in my attempt to get back i jumped a few times left and right and it played the ending movie.

Not bad

Nice storyline. I never thought of such a story before. It was good, except for the jumping and the gaurds who did not give chase.

I like this game

It's a good and fun game and well animated. This is the kind of game that you have to be patient with and it's all about skill but from floor 4 onwards it starts to become more of a challenge.

Beautiful Looks, Lackluster Engine

This game looks utterly beautiful. The characters are simple, but colorful and rendered well. The levels are also simple (well, sorta, that is, the levels are not 3-D, but side scroll) but are clean, colorful, and sleek. The sound is quality enough, that is, it does not rock my world but there is nothing that would really require sound in this game that does not have it.

My biggest gripe however are the controls. As with many other flash games I have seen as of late the controls are simply not responsive at all. I feel as though in order to get my character to jump, I have to submit an application in triplicate, where it is then discussed for 4 weeks in subcommittee, voted on, killed, appealed, passed, then finally my character is allowed to be told through snail mail sent through china that it is OK to jump. The character itself is also surprisingly slow and not agile for attempting a daring robbery. I mean seriously, did this guy just decide to rob the museum over a long weekend for kicks or something?

That being said, you managed to avoid a surprising number of pitfalls. You included a life meter where most people would have just given you one hit then back to the beginning, or worse yet, one hit and you're dead. You gave use at least one check point, I do not know if there are more, I only made it to one. The controls, though unresponsive, were simple, and easy to learn.

With all the good things about the game mechanics in mind, and with the quality of the art in mind, you did manage to propel yourself past many other games here on Newgrounds, but with the horrible controls, there are still plenty of other games that have everything yours does, and better controls.