Reviews for "The Relic Rush"


well i thought it was kinda dumb that if something spots u, u lose hp, but other than that i like it

Thanks for using my music in the intro

Made my day to hear my song in the intro, but could I possibly have credit for it? The game was pretty good too, although the jumps are a bit clunky on the stairs. Keep up the good work!

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Oops, must have missed your file in my sound check! All corrected now, thanks for the awesome track :)



nice, liked the graphics

great game!

its a great game, apart from it being short.

its cool

the platformer style gaming and the animation is good, if not short.

your weaknesses are (just to let you know) : flashlight light, lasers, guards, crocs n' gaters, drips of water (not bodies of water apparently), and spikes. gaps strangely only seem to warp you back to the checkpoint with a very small loss of health if any but it is still annoying to fall down.