Reviews for "The Relic Rush"


eh... well.. yeah...

first, it looks sweet and nice, no problems with the graphik style.
than, the guards in the movie, i mean, i would ask myself, if i can see a hat from the window, and the escape from the museum... hiding in a basket or some sh*t like that, and the guard wouldnt look into this sh*t .. yeah, they are brainiacs.

than, the charakter... what was he supposed to be? i... dont know know, maybe an scientist, but it can be an grandpa in the midive crisis too, so.. i dont know.

the controlls are.. well ... simple, which is good, make the game easy to gain controll with, but i felt like im standing on ice. everytime i slided through the hall when i run and it wasnt fun.. it was like to be in a cartoon, and the game didnt looked like a cartoon so...
than the jumps... he jumped like he had some problems, i mean, he do a flying kick when he jumps, but it doesnt hurt anyone, so i guess it was supposed to be a "landing-move" but it doesnt look like that.

the enemys. well, i said before, that the guards in the movie's are truly inteligent. And in the game itself, the guards are so full of IQ, they are so awesome hard to avoid, and if they see you, they turn arround and start thinking "You know, f*ck it, he was supposed to get through me, so i will do my job right, and dont take him to the jail.".

the levels. level 1, well, yeah... its kinda boring, the last part was the only "hard" part, but you can also run through all this sh*t , because of this checkpoint nearby and reach the end without dodging anything, so it doesnt matter.
level 2 was not needed in my eyes, its boring, it brings more color into it, and new enemys and you can jump off sometimes to take a shortcut, yeah, but again, it doesnt matter if you get hit by all this stuff, i tried it, in this level dodging isnt realy needed.

the fun? the beginning was nice, looked nice, except for this sh*ty guard part. but than, the game itself is boring, jumping like in the moon as a Grandpa in midlife crisis avoiding non-guards.... well....strange picture, but it wasnt funny.
the only realy good thing about this piece called game is the fact, that it has only 2 levels, doesnt mean i have to play 1000 boring levels just to see "what happends with the relic he stole...?" which was a dissapointment. and than, what comes next? yeah, right a "Replay" button!!! yeah, awesome, i play the same sh*ty again through, just to see this sh*ty ending again, and after that , i do play it again. its o.k. that a Flash movie has a replay button, but a game...? ohkay, your game, your rules , i respect that, but i dont realy get the idea of a replay button in a game after i beat it.

[PS:sry for my sh*ty english)

I'm disappointed

All your other games are so good and I loved the Decline of Video Gaming series, and I was screaming like: "Woah! They made a new game!!!11!" And then I saw this pile of non quality gaming.


I agree with REDSPADES... the game was too simple and the idea wore off after a few floors... there wasnt anything new and the music was annoying. But i think the idea could make a good game... a mini version of SLY for PS2


Such a boring game couldnt you make a better game??????????????

Not good

I've loved everything you guys do all the games are great and rather fun to play but this was just horrible. It was so laggy even on my best computer (Core2 duo, 6g of ram, low quality) it was also just pointless i ran through all the lasers without caring whether off or on. And then at level 5 my person jumped and fell through the floor :( and i never landed. Also suddenly at level 6 my guy started to be damaged for no reason. I really think its sad that you guys would submit this. I was really starting to be a fan of your games, but this is pretty pathetic.