Reviews for "The Relic Rush"

Pretty Cool

Pretty awesome stuff. I love your work, from both of you!


The game was awesome and very fun to play. The level design was unique and somewhat challenging. The characters and levels were neatly shaded and the animation in the intro was phenomenal with the rain effects on the window to the well drawn museum. Only thing I would suggest would be stronger A.I. Anyways Well done this is yet another enjoyable game by the Super Flash Bros.

kick ass!

that was the funnest flash game ive played...other than alien hominid(sorry,gotta give creds to other people too) and...wtf is with the teddy thing ive seen 10 flash reviews with that =/

Great job

Great game.


omg there was a glitchnt he 3rd floor then the screen messed up and then i was on the 8 f;oor