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Reviews for "The Relic Rush"

it was ok

I found the glitch in the 2nd floor, but I had to try really hard :D

However I had no problems while playing the game, except maybe that it was way easier to actually just run through obstacles than to try to sneak through them unharmed.


:D i hear a little bit of the title song of the bbc show "hustle" :D
good game btw

nice game but

way to easy...anyone can literally run through everything and win...takes no skill...i ran through everything up to the first check point...died...then ran through everything to get the relic...ran through everything in the egypt looking place....waaaay to easy....though the concept seems fun!

not so bad!:D

but ... there are still bugs i was suddenly teleportet up to 8th floor and in the egyptian world i couldent get much far away than over the river ... fix these bugs and u have a really good game!!!

Not bad, but...

I found a glitch in the museum. I got to thr 2nd floor and lumped left into the pillar wall. It sucked me up to the 8th floor.