Reviews for "The Relic Rush"


Another SFB wonder!
Nice music, a charismatic character (who kinda looks like the son of the monopoly guy with Pringles) but a sort of lacking system. Perhaps you should add the ability to crouch or slide when you are running.
Keep on flashing, peepoids!

Thanks for using my music in the intro

Made my day to hear my song in the intro, but could I possibly have credit for it? The game was pretty good too, although the jumps are a bit clunky on the stairs. Keep up the good work!

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Oops, must have missed your file in my sound check! All corrected now, thanks for the awesome track :)


Rush Rush Get The Yayo!

Love the concept, basic controls which grips the player! Although the game can get a bit too repetitive, it has something about it which just gets you playing for ages! Nice work, keep em' coming!


nice, liked the graphics

It's good

This was a relatively good game decent graphics ncie gameplay it would be very enjoyable for kids aged about 6-10 but there was a glitch in the museum when i ran into the wall next to the second floor sign I was teleported to the top floor i dont know if thats just a secret or a glitch but i found it so just in case you know?