Reviews for "The Relic Rush"

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Nicely made and pretty neat... but boring... run jump back and fourth, just not my thing...

Maybe add something to the game other than just running back and fourth. You need to add something that sets it apart. Like maybe have just far jumps and you have to pull out a jump pack or a heavy box is in the way and you have to use a robot arm to move it. It's a game be creating and add that little extra umph to make this game really sweet!

it was ok

since it was the super flash bros i expected alot better, i did like the physics element you put in here, however the game became very tiresome and monotonous after the first few levels, i dont really know what all the hype is with my fellow reviewers, maybe its just my age bracket but the simplicity of this game was what drove me off.


3 things
1= this game is glitchey
2=this game is HARD!!!
3=this game is a 0


I don't know why, but this isn't fun at all for me. Annoying music and sounds, weird movement... And it's not really engaging! If you run into a guard, NOTHING HAPPENS. Your life drains away. Great. I still have a ton of it left, so I can basically just run back and forth until I get bored, which happened just as I reached the first checkpoint. So yeah, fun for thirty seconds.

so so i guess

ummm.... im sure you have gotten plenty of feedback on this bit, but the lasers and "harmful" obsticles really are not harmful at all. I think the general idea and gameplay was good other than that you could trip like 30 alarms without having to start over. that was kind of what ruined it for me I think. the lasers and guards need to do more damage to your health, or you could just have like 3-5 lives, and every time a guard sees you, life is used. hope you find this helpful ^_^