Reviews for "The Relic Rush"


think it was a great game, but i think it could be improved..

It was ok but nothing intresting really happens. The puzzles were very nice but you could just jump and run the over without any need to solve them. The music is nice too. What I didn't like is that there are some defects at some corners for example in which you can't jump, or at the floor labels at which you hit your head when jumping.. These were just some details that made me to enjoy your game less.

P.s. I loved the old man running and jumping lasers theme!

not to shabby

its not that bad. but it could be better

would have...

been alright if maybe getting caught had more penalty more damage cause i just ran threw and it didnt really matter...its not horrible just whatever bland

Some fun, yet lame

Here's a players guide for this game:

Just run through everything, don't worry about your health getting low because you will reach a checkpoint way before you'll have to start over. After you have reached the checkpoint, die! Then start running from the checkpoint (you'll get full health again) and you will complete this 'game' very easily...