Reviews for "The Relic Rush"

nice game but

way to easy...anyone can literally run through everything and win...takes no skill...i ran through everything up to the first check point...died...then ran through everything to get the relic...ran through everything in the egypt looking place....waaaay to easy....though the concept seems fun!

Never seen an old sneaky man...

I agree with Absolutelynothing (that's his name...). Something like James the Sneaky but Righteous Argeoligy Zebra... Still it's a nice game, not that I had expected less of you guys...


first of all to answer the last guy, he was an archeologist, weird seing an old archeologist in an action game instead of an indiana jones type tho.

the game was nice it was simple and fun but... it wasn't really chalenging or realistic for that matter, i mean if a guard sees you two things can happen either you lose the game(wich is what should have happened here) or the guard attacks you and you have to beat him(but the old man can't fight so)

also in museum floor five i crashed with the wall and skiped to the part where i stole the relic, and in the jungle i walked theough a wall and skipped to the end so check and fix that.

Nice Game

Its an interesting game. I found a glitch in it. If you run full speed up the stairs on the floor below the artifact and you jump, you jump all the way up to the relic itself. I'd check if this was for all the floors. But decent game. Definitely different. ^^


I just kept running and jumping, and I won!