Reviews for "Green Lights"


The graphics were good, colorful i gues the way to discribe it ^^ the animation was average... though i really liked the music in this 1 =3 even though i got no idea what there saying 3/4 of the time, but thats part of the fun for me =3.... anyway average flash =3 GOOD JOB ^^



Excellent Work to your Friend

that was some smooth animating and very well timed frames... who ever gave this Flash a score of 7 or lower must be really retarded... your friend is one talented artist

Love to see English subtitles.

I cant give you the greatest of ratings on the content of the lyrics as I cannot understand them(is it Korean?).The graphics and animation are incredible as well as the drawings.

However it merely seems like an oppurtune time for the young lady who is the subject to show off all of her clothing for us.She poses and dances in her outfits and thats about all that happens.

I loved it besides that.The lyrics of the song were lost on me but it reached a different level and spoke there in a manner.


Very well done with the animations. Not only it flows smoothly, it was also an interesting video to watch. The flying pyramid reminds me of the alien ships in Stargate SG-1 hehe, which are very awesome.

The song is very good, pleasant to the ear. It's even better that I can understand the lyrics :D