Reviews for "Green Lights"


Yup, it would be a great song for some anime series.
This was incredible, the animation was awesome, and I loved the song.
Hope you make more flash movies like these.
Keep it up, hope this makes front page too.

Incredible animation

I loved the whole thing. I have no idea what the song was or what it meant, but it was cool as hell. The dancing animation was amazingly smooth. Tell your friend she did an incredible job!


WWHHAAATT?? TTHHEE HHEELLL??? that was good and all, but what was it?? i know it was a music video but it was half english and half oriental.. i don't get what the song was about? but still it was catchy and addictive!! it was still cool!!

Engalish pleaaassee......

good sound and all, just next time maybe add some english subtiles, or something. Not to say much, but it kinda suxs when u can't understand it. Catchy song, even thoguh i didn't know what it meant. It'll get stuck my head all day. Good job over all

Awesome job!

this just made my day, seriously i love chinese songs!! my friend and i dwl them all the time... that's cause we're chinese :P

Great job man! love it!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for more!