Reviews for "Green Lights"

Love it whats the name of the song?

Yeah name says it all green light, its great

I agree with Alrenar completely

yea wow awsome tell here to keep it up.


Very nicely done. The overall status of this is awesome. It's even better then the music video. (im serious) Sherri Lee did an amazing animation that combined gloss, entertainment, and class. It is very well done. Having that type of patience and skill takes an enormous amount of time. It should make #1 on the best flash animation of all time. I would highly reccomend making similar types of this in the future. I hope this isn't the last of Sherri Lee's wonderful and amazing work. Keep this up and Sherri will be the overall best flash animator of all time.


if you dont like it, dont watch it.. if else go fuck yourself for being a retarded cunt that disses good hard work!
just because you are a spoiled brat with a small dick doesnt mean u can fuck around with others people work....

Btw Good Work Sherri Lee, if you read this ^__^


sorry but i am sick of these stupid japanese music videos keep it real do somthing we can understand