Reviews for "Green Lights"


Truly amazing. This incredible flash should be featured on tv! I loved this. Its going right next to Numa Numa Dance on my favorites!
P.S: By that I mean its almost better then Numa.

Great work =P


props to your friend it was great

Damn Japanese and there floating pyramids.

This was a great flash music video. The chorus was extremly catchy i starting humming along. I loved the almost everything about it except for the fact that you couldn't understand what she was singing half the time. It was very Japanese POP times 10 to the power of 6.

And the floating pyramid was very random, Nice touche i find.

nice music^^

this is great timing is perfect the song is good and the graphics nice the only bad thing is that i only speak english>.<


Wow what can i say that was brilliant and is something worth watching!