Reviews for "Green Lights"

cool song

and a great flash to match! great work by your friend! :D


first of all thanxs for posting it and sharing it with us...and thanxs to your friend for all her hard work ...it really did pay off...it´s a great flash and even though i am not into music videos i am really impressed by it...i study chinese so every video with subtitles kinda helps me to improve a bit...*wink*
really nice and fluent animation...the song was a great choice and her art stills are far better than most of those top rated artists here on newgrounds...amazing....i put it into my favs...please ask here to make more stuff... =)


Good job, your friend can be proud ^^

'oly carp!

I've never heard anyone sing both english and chinese so well!

*ahem* anyway, that was great! Tell your friend that she's awesome!!!

wow........just wow.

that is amazing how the song fits in perfictly with the animation plus the song is really hmmm how can i put it ahh e urr um a COOL!