Reviews for "Green Lights"


I loved it. Great anime/manga style drawings and animation. Cool song, too. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and you adapted it perfectly. All sorts of craziness ensued, it seems, from nature blooming, deities, and robotic helicopter...things.
Great work your friend did.

It's all Greek to me...

Nice stuff, even if I couldn't understand a word of it.

Later days


Green lights right here....

I freakin' LOVE this music video... It's a shame you lost contact with your friend... Oh well... this is in my favorites... :D

great job

sun yan-zi animation song version?cool.to all those "ang-mohs"its chinese/mandarin not japanese.the singers from singapore anyway. to the author:feature more of her songs and other singers too.


it was KOOL! so far its the first chinese flash ive ever seen, too bad i dint understand anything but the english words im a canto person :] it was quite entertaining, the song is catchy ^-^ good job!