Reviews for "Green Lights"


nice make english text plz

Great music video!

This friend of yours, Sherri, is some sort of music video genius! The song was good, and the animation was fantastic! This video was entertaining, with a bit of a random feel to it. If this didn't get front page, I would wonder what is wrong with NG voters! Tell your friend that this is an excellent movie!


Nice music video, just like the anime's with English and Japanese. It's not one of my favourite flash's but it's a really good one.


Holy shit!!!!That was great,truly a Flash worthy of the top 50.First of all,id like to say that this is indeed one of the greatest flashes ever,keep it up!

I'm not alone in saying....

..I didn't understand roughly half of that and I didn't get the storyline if there was one. Yet despite that this movie is very, very good. Top 50.