Reviews for "Green Lights"

Quite good

The song made my teeth grate a bit, but overall this was a very well done flash. Thumbs up.


I like this movie, it was very well done. make more like it, definitely more. the song was cool. i like the little green flying thing, he was cute. good movie, good song, do it again.

Wow, cool MV

Really like the art and animation, music isn't my usual prefered style, but that didn't matter much, this was stll cool. Good luck to the author in future projects!

Pretty good music video

First of all, the graphics for this flash are very good. I mean, the background objects and the characters, that's good drawing alright. The lip sync for this flash was good as well. The music, I didn't really like it, but it did match nicely for this flash. Overall, good effort put in this flash, but it didn't interest me much. Nice work anyway.

Not bad

I really liked that style... but the song spoild it.. i mean it was chinese (or somet) and english swapping over all the time... kind of pissed me off. :P Still good animation though.