Reviews for "Green Lights"

Listen to me -

Yeah. That's what the gal sung. Which was followed by some strange *$#" I couldn't make out. Catchy enoguh if I was able to understand it. Graphics were superb, style was a tiresome one of sorts, but I respect it the way I respect other cultural phenomenons, like country music or stickmen(:p), so the style got an 8 from me.

The sound was great. I didn't understand most of it, and the English sentences thrown in didn't exactly give me a clue. BUT I don't judge if I like it or not. I judge on the quality of the music, if there are any disturbances of any sorts. And there weren't. A 10. Solid.

There was little interactivity, but that didn't lame things in any way, so it really doesn't matter.

Green light is EVIL! *EVIL* I SAY! GAAAAAZADABHAFFAZA! And no, that was just gibberish. Humour: 4. Because Green Light is evil. Established fact!

Overall I give it a strong eight. It was enjoyable down to the last minute. I had a hard time digesting much of the animation(I'm not too fond of anime), and the music wasn't my taste(Metal! Kamelot and Hammerfall all the way!), but I'm a just man. A strong eight.

Hope you read this and understand the difference between me and the rest of these morons who cannot go beyond "omg it r00ls lol omfg!!11 / it suks i h8 u" in their reviews.

By the way, does your friend, creator of this here fine animation, have other flash movies lying around? I'm anxious to see more from her.

it wasn't bad

but if this is something your friend made, don't THEY have to submit it for it to be here? i don't think your aloud to submit someone else's work no matter what.

it has a great uplifting beat to it!!

though i didnt understand most of it... and i felt it would have been a stronger piece without english .... i still loved it it had a great uplifting beat to it and melody you did a wonderful job and the graphics were really good!!! cant wait to see how you improve over time... so keep on submitting!!!

i also gave you all 10's even though some of the catagories didnt apply


Its a wild dragon chase away...

its new and green

i think its really good animation is really well nad humour theres not much but chinease songs amke me laugh of course i am a curry man so my opnion is based on a stereo type opnion the violence i gave10 because well it deserves to be on the front pg. so i am giviig it all ten 10

by: browny aka.....